Since its foundation in 1876, MAURER has been operating as an independent family business. The first line of business of the company was steel construction, and this field still defines the main character of the company. The MAURER Group is today one of the technological world market leaders in its particular area of ​​expertise.


The control of forces in buildings, bridges and complex dynamic structures is a fundamental element of company activities. Impacts that may be caused by earthquakes, traffic loads or climatic effects are controlled by using carefully selected special products such as expansion joints, structural supports, vibration dampers, seismic devices and vibration isolation to prevent damage. Another business unit is concerned with how acceleration and motion can be created and used consciously, and this unit plans, develops and builds professional roller coasters and Ferris wheels for amusement parks.


MAURER offers its customers products and solutions that stand out with longevity, quality and safety. As a company and brand, MAURER focuses on positioning itself in the top segment. Long-term planning is at the core of the way the company thinks and acts.


The common goal of all the company’s activities is to control or redirect in a controlled manner the forces clearly expressed in the company’s slogan about “forces in action”.


Parent Company Name : Maurer
Web Site :

Location : Torbalı, İzmir

Origin Country : Germany
Year : 2018
Sector : Metal
Clusters : Construction, Industrial Machinery