High Quality of Life

With art exhibitions, concerts and movie screenings hosted all throughout the year, along with a rich historical and cultural background, İzmir offers a high standard of life.

Reasons to Live in İzmir

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Living Environment

İzmir provides a similar living environment with most of the well known international cities when the Attractiveness for International Staff and Cost of Living criteria are considered.

Quality of Life

İzmir is ranked 3rd most developed city in Turkey in the Socio-Economic Development Index 2017 (SEGE 2017) research published by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. 


The Quality of Life Variables title of this index takes into account the well-being of city habitants and the infrastructure possibilities and clean environmental conditions that increase the life quality of individuals. According to these variables, İzmir is the 3rd city with the highest quality of life in Turkey after Antalya and Ankara. İzmir is followed by Muğla and Istanbul in this ranking.



Developed City



Quality of Life

Climate Index


in 247 cities

Pollution Index


in 339 cities

Safety Index


in 434 cities

Traffic Comute Time Index


in 247 cities

Health Care Index


in 278 cities

Quality of Life Index


in 247 cities

Living Conditions

According to indexes of Numbeo which is the world’s largest database of user-contributed data, about cities and countries worldwide, İzmir stands out among many cities of the world especially in terms of climate and safety.


Current and timely information on world living conditions provided by Numbeo shows that among world cities İzmir ranks:


  • 26th in 247 at Climate Index
  • 82nd in 434 at Safety Index
  • 86th in 278  at Health Care Index
  • 178th in 339 cities at Pollution Index
  • 173th in 247 cities at Traffic Comute Time Index
  • And 129th in 247 cities at Quality of Life Index.

Cost of Living


In the Cost of Living Index of FDI Benchmark, İzmir ranks 1st among most of the well-known international cities with a total score of 5.41. İzmir’s score is 80% higher than the average index score of 3. According tothe Cost of Life Index of Numbeo, İzmir ranks 63rd in 608 world cities.

Cost of Life Index


in 608 Cities

International Schools

There are 4 international schools accredited by Council Of International Schools (CIS) in İzmir. These schools provide appropriate educational programs for the children of expats.

MEF International School Izmir

American Collegiate Institute

Işıkkent Education Campus

Izmir SEV Schools