About Us

Invest in İzmir is the official promotional and support organization, governmental institution, promoting Foreign Direct Investment into Turkey/İzmir through a wide range of services. We partner with potential and existing investors to help them establish or expand their operations.

All the services we provide are free of charge.

Your One-Stop Shop

Our service line covers the necessary assistance components for the investors, Basically targeting three phases of a typical investment process; Investment Decision Stage, Setting up the business entity, Creating the Business Network.

Personalized Information

We provide up-to-date and customized information on investment opportunities, incentives, investment areas, tax, skills, operating costs, infrastructure, licenses, company set up procedures, labor law, support services, sector- specific information and contacts etc. Tailor made reports and info notes are prepared based on the requests of the companies.

Site Selection

We lead companies to the right property in the right area. Lands/Properties in organized industrial zones, technology development zones and free zones gives a host of options to potential investors with different advantages based on the scope of the characteristic of their investment.

Creating Business Network and Making Connections

We facilitate introduction to peer companies, industry groups, governmental institutions, chambers, research centers, universities, service providers to drive companies’ businesses.

Set Up

We can give support to provide the initial guidance and put you in touch with professionals you will need during your establishment period. We do all this work with a network of partners.

Incentives and Grants

There are numerous incentives and support programs for investment development of recently established businesses and existent companies provided by various institutions in Turkey. Incentives and grants for new establishments, modernization, R&D, employment, export, etc are offered to both new and existing companies. We will lead the companies to the best options for incentives.

Site Visit Programs

We arrange a site trip for you based on your requirements including introductions to other FDI companies, property locations, service providers, universities, governmental officials, etc.


We provide a wealth of information, facts and figures on İzmir for FDI investors and researchers.