Sart von Rohr

SART Von Rohr is a French-based specialist valve manufacturer that has been producing control equipment for industrial fluids for over 90 years. The product range in general; control valves, pressure regulators, traps and steam equipment.


It is a visionary manufacturer that satisfies its customers all over the world with its quality products, and develops its know-how and technical investment every year with its expert staff. In 2020, it continued its investment and development in the Middle East with its Türkiye/İzmir factory investment.


The products produced by SART Von Rohr (SVR) are the result of a well-equipped R&D team in France in parallel with a historical knowledge developed for 90 years.


SART Von Rohr customers; ISO 9001, EAC, DESP certificates guarantee quality and reliability thanks to some of its products that have the “ORIGINE FRANCE GARANTIE” certificate by BUREAU VERITAS manufactured in the French factory.


The products produced in the Türkiye (İzmir/Kemalpaşa) factory are under the Turkish Origin Guarantee and are certified.


SART Von Rohr always aims to design and produce user-friendly, ethical and sustainable products that are compatible with humans and the environment.



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Parent Company Name : Sart Holding Group
Web Site :

Location : Kemalpaşa, İzmir
Origin Country : France
Year : 2019
Sector : Industrial Machinery
Clusters : Industrial Machinery