USD 19 billion

Total defense expenditures of Turkey in 2018.

USD 8.8 billion

Total turnover of Turkey’s defense and aerospace industry in 2018.

USD 2.2 billion

Total export value of Turkish defense and aerospace industry in 2018.

USD 21 billion

Total turnover of turkey’s civil aviation services in 2018.


Number of aircrafts in Turkey’s civil aviation fleet.

210 million

Number of airline passengers in Turkey in 2018.

Why Invest in Biotechnologies Sector in İzmir?

Favorable demographics with a dynamic, young and skilled talent pool supporting the industry


Heavy investments in healthcare infrastructure and services


Increasing life expectancy and spending in healthcare


Export opportunities due to Turkey’s proximity to regional markets


Ideal location for clinical trials and a favorable regulatory environment aligned with international standards


Global biotechnologies companies have been present in Turkey with significant manufacturing activities, using Turkey as a hub to access regional markets

Biotechnologies Companies in İzmir

R&D Infrastructures

İBG – İzmir Biomedicine and Genome Center’s mission is to develop innovative technologies and products for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases using basic research in life sciences as a driving force. IBG houses basic and translational research programs, technological research programs, industrial R&D programs working on biomedicine and genome sciences.


IBG has an enclosed space of approximately 22,250 m2, which includes the research laboratories, cell culture laboratories, equipped rooms for common use.