Geothermal Energy

İzmir Geothermal Energy Potential

Turkey is ranked seventh richest country in the world in geothermal potential. The small-sized geothermal power plant was expanded to the country’s biggest one in 2013. Turkey is one of the leading countries not only in the utilisation of geothermal energy for power generation, but even more so for the direct use of geothermal for e.g. district heating,heating of greenhouses, bathing and SPA facilities. The potential of geothermal power in Turkey is 4 thousand 500 megawatts and derived from conventional hydrothermal resources. We currently have 1,600 MW of production capacity [official number for year end 2019 is 1,526 MW]  yerine ( as of the end of 2019). It is 3,500 MW of thermal that we use in heating. Our potential in heating is 60 thousand MW.

Geothermal Energy Sector in Turkey

  • In February 2021, Turkey had 1.6 GW installed capacity, being the fourth largest in the world after the United States, Indonesia and the Philippines.
  • For district heating is second only to China , in 1 GW. 
  • 60 power plants operate in Turkey as of February 2021. 
  • Its theoretical geothermal potential is 60GW  and electricity potential is assumed as 4.5GW
  • Geothermal power plants represents 1.7% of Turkey’s total installed energy power. 
  • There are 60 power plants, which was 23 MW in 2006, has increased to 1688 MW as of February 2021.

Geothermal Energy Companies in İzmir

Geothermal Energy Equipment Manufacturers in İzmir