Developed Investment Infrastructure


Technology Development Zones (Technoparks) are facilities designed to support R&D activities and attract investments in high-technology fields. There are 5 Technoparks, of which 4 are operational at 5 different campuses and 1 have been approved and are currently under construction.


Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ) are designed to ensure companies to operate within an investor-friendly environment with ready-to-use infrastructure and social facilities. The existing infrastructure provided in OIZs consists of roads, water, natural gas, electricity, communications, waste treatment and other services. There are 15 OIZs in İzmir, 13 of which are currently operational, while the remaining 2 OIZs are under construction.


Free zones (FZ) are special sites deemed outside the customs area and designed to boost the number of export-focused investments. Legal and administrative regulations in the commercial, financial and economic domains that are applicable within the customs area are either not implemented or partially implemented in FZs. There are 3 Free Zones in İzmir, 2 of which are active and 1 is at the stage of establishment.


The purpose of the Industrial Zones is to provide an investment place suitable for large-scale and technology-intensive investments. They are the production zones that are created by allocating the lands to the industry with the necessary infrastructure services in order to increase the inflow of foreign capital. There is 1 Industrial Zone in İzmir established by Socar Company.

With 5 Technology Developed Zones, 15 Organized Industrial Zones and 3 Free Zones, İzmir offers an ideal investment environment and infrastructure to the investors.