USD 19 billion

Total defense expenditures of Turkey in 2018.

USD 8.8 billion

Total turnover of Turkey’s defense and aerospace industry in 2018.

USD 2.2 billion

Total export value of Turkish defense and aerospace industry in 2018.

USD 21 billion

Total turnover of turkey’s civil aviation services in 2018.


Number of aircrafts in Turkey’s civil aviation fleet.

210 million

Number of airline passengers in Turkey in 2018.

Why Invest in Aerospace Sector in İzmir?

The Turkish defense and aerospace industry has been undergoing a profound transformation over the past decades


Turkey has one of the fastest developing defense and aerospace sectors in the world


The experience and emphasis on quality is evident among Turkish defense and aerospace companies as they undertake numerous endeavors, create products that are competitive worldwide, and assume important roles in international projects.

Sectoral Clusters

ACA – Aerospace Cluster Association’s mission is to support the global integration of the Turkish Aerospace and Defense Industry in production, engineering, design and R&D, and to bring dynamism to the sector by establishing cooperation with domestic and international projects that will support its members. From training the qualified personnel to contributing to the growth of SMEs, they continue to be the supportive power of aviation, which adds high value to the industry.