Applicable both for greenfield and brownfield projects, Türkiye offers a comprehensive investment incentives program with a wide range of instruments that helps to minimize the upfront cost burden and accelerate the returns on investments.

These incentives may also be tailored for projects in priority sectors classified as key areas for the transfer of technology and economic development. In addition, the Turkish government provides generous support programs for R&D and innovation projects, employee training initiatives, and exporters through various grants, incentives and loans.​


VAT Exemption

Customs Duty Exemption

Corporate Tax Reduction

Social Security Premium Support

(Employer’s Share)

Social Security Premium Support

(Employee’s Share)

Income Tax Withholding Support

Interest Rate Support

Land Allocation

VAT Refund

Infrastructure Support

Energy Support

Capital Contribution Support

Purchasing Guarantee

Facilitation of Authorization/ Permit/ License Procedures

Training Support

Qualified Personnel Support

R&D/Design Discount

Corporate Tax Exemption

Cash Support

Credit Support

Special Consumption Tax Exemption

Property Tax Exemption

Stamp Duty Exemption


The breadth and depth of support provided vary based on the level of development of the regions. Developed regions are provided with fewer support options than lesser developed regions. İzmir is one of the most developed regions in Türkiye and in the Region 1 group of this incentive system. Investments in certain districts of the provinces may be supported with incentives extended to a lower region. This condition is valid for investments in Bayındır, Beydağ and Kiraz districts of İzmir.

SHORTEST WAY TO REACH GOVERMENT SUPPORTS portal, which gathers grants, incentives and supports provided by the public for those who want to invest in Türkiye, on a single platform, informs investors instantly about all developments related to government supports.