Biomass Energy

İzmir Biomass Energy Potential

Biomass sources in Turkey include agricultural, forest, animal and urban wastes with a potential production of 14,6 MTEP. The sources are dispersed through the country and are well known in quantity and type.

Biomass Energy Sector in Turkey

  • 199 biomass plants in total1
  • Exponential increase in installed capacity since 20102
  • 994,643 MW biomass installed capacity in 2020 
  • Total renewable energy installed power 27.9863 in 2020
  • %3,55 share of biomass in total renewable energy installed capacity power of Turkey in 2020

Biomass Energy Companies in İzmir

Biomass Equipment Manufacturers & Service Providers & EPCs Active in the Aegean Region

Biomass Energy Innovation and R&D in İzmir

Biomass Energy Systems and Technologies Application and Research Center

Biomass Energy Systems and Technology Application and Research Center (BESTMER) was established with the support of İzmir Development Agency (İZKA) and Ege University to carry out studies regarding to its main objectives, including research, technological innovation, implementation, planning, strategy and policy development, consultancy and training of biomass energy. For details: