Redmill Solutions

Redmill Solutions Ltd (RMS) is a privately-owned media technology company, registered and headquartered in the United Kingdom with offices in Greater London, UK, Guangzhou, China and İzmir, Türkiye. RMS was founded in 2010 with the sole objective of empowering international advertisers (like the manufacturers of Oreo, Finish, Cadbury, Dettol, Rimmel London, MasterCard, Birds Eye Fish Fingers and Goodfella’s Pizza, to name but a few) by providing complete visibility and transparency to their advertising data. Accessibility to useful data allows the advertiser to make cost effective choices with increased understanding and connectivity to local markets.


The primary platform of RMS, codename ‘Tuk-Tuk’, has more than 5000 active users in 75+ countries. Tuk-Tuk is a ‘cloud’ based, easy to use system with sophisticated security and reporting functionality. Having a platform that is cloud based allows substantial redundancy planning, regular maintenance without service interruption and reduced capital investment by our clients.


Parent Company Name : Redmill Solutions
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Location : Konak, İzmir

Origin Country : U.K.
Year : 2010
Sector : Software & IT Services
Clusters : Software & IT Services