İzmir Bilimpark Technology Transfer Office provides highly specialized end-to-end services for the transfer of knowledge and technology from the areas where it is produced to the areas where it is consumed to create a strong knowledge and innovation economy.


İzmir Bilimpark Technology Transfer Office is in contact with all universities in the Aegean Region, especially İzmir University of Economics.


İzmir Bilimpark Technology Transfer Office works as follows;


-In industrial studies, technologies, designs, inventions, and inventions for innovation are carefully studied and researched. Sectors that need this technology are identified and one-on-one meetings or special events are organized on the subject.

– Technologies that will produce solutions for the needs defined by industry and industry are researched, listed and potential solution centers are contacted.

– Mediation, project management, technical and administrative consultancy support is provided to ensure cooperation for technology transfer.


It has partnerships with the İzmir Bilimpark Technology Transfer Office, İzmir University of Economics Technology Transfer Office, and the TUBITAK 1513 project. In this context, coordination and synergy are ensured in activities.



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Office Name : İzmir University of Economics TTO
Web Site : https://www.izmirbilimpark.com.tr/teknoloji-transfer-ofisi

Location : Menderes, İzmir
Foundation Year : 2017