With the power of İzmir Katip Çelebi University’s infrastructure and competent faculty staff, it functions as an effective interface institution in University-Industry relations as a professional Technology Transfer Center and Consultancy unit that enables the concretization of knowledge by turning it into practice by communicating with domestic and foreign institutions. To contribute to the transformation of scientific research results into added value by supporting technology transfer activities, to develop innovation-oriented cooperation between universities, research institutions, production and service sector organizations, to contribute to the technological development and economic potential of the İzmir Region and Türkiye by determining our priorities on a national, regional and local scale. İzmir Katip Çelebi University Technology Transfer Office (İKÇÜ TTO), which set out with mission goals such as contributing to He has been one of the leading names of university-industry cooperation in the region, especially in Northern İzmir.


İKÇÜ TTO continues its activities as an office where the information produced in and around İzmir is transferred to the industry, and national and international cooperation studies are carried out, by focusing on the Northern İzmir region, where Katip Çelebi University is located.


The activities we carry out as İKÇÜ TTO:

– Awareness, promotion, information, and training services
– Services to benefit from support programs
– Project development/management services
– Intellectual and Industrial Rights Management and Licensing Services
– Entrepreneurship and Incorporation Services


Although it is a very new office, with its young and dynamic staff, it is expanding its sphere of influence with the patent and licensing support it provides, as well as tens of regional and national seminars, panels, and conferences. In addition to the project supports he offers, he is currently involved in two EU project teams as an office. With the non-governmental organizations, chambers, and unions, organized industrial zones, and cluster formations with which it has signed national and international bilateral cooperation protocols, İzmir is the youngest but most dynamic technology transfer office of the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.



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Office Name : Atmosfer TTO
Web Site : https://tto.ikcu.edu.tr/

Location : Menemen, İzmir
Foundation Year : –