Dokuz Eylül University Technology Transfer Office (DETTO), which has been within the body of Dokuz Eylül University since 2013, provides support/service to our students, researchers, and industry in the process from “Idea to Market”.


DETTO, by developing University-Industry R&D cooperation at regional, national, and international levels, especially in İzmir, supports value-added product/service, innovation (innovation), competitiveness at different levels and depths, and provides national and international Knowledge, especially TÜBİTAK. It is the developer of the Replication and Innovation Transport Ecosystem.


DETTO tries to produce and transform knowledge and innovation into commercializable technological products and services for the benefit of society, to establish and maintain an effective University-Industry cooperation mechanism, and to provide resources and infrastructure to the university in the fields of R&D, innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercialization.



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Office Name : Dokuz Eylül TTO
Web Site :

Location : Buca, İzmir
Foundation Year : 2013