The Aegean Technopark Technology Development Zone was established with the Council of Ministers Decision No. 2014/6500 published in the Official Gazette dated 10 August 2014 and numbered 29084. Ege Teknopark Technology Development Zone Management Joint Stock Company, which is responsible for the management and operation of the Aegean Technopark Technology Development Zone, in which Ege University Rectorate has 100% shares, was registered on 13 November 2014. As a result of the search meetings held with local, national and international stakeholders during the establishment process, Ege Teknopark, which was planned to continue its activities with the theme of “Life Sciences and Health”, started to allocate space to entrepreneurial companies as of January 1, 2015.


The partnership structure of Ege Teknopark Technology Development Zone Manager AŞ is single-partnered and it belongs entirely to the Rectorate of Ege University. Although it has a single partner structure, the Board of Directors of TGB Executive AŞ in a way that allows the representation of different institutions and organizations; It consists of 7 people with experience and activity who have worked and/or are currently working in local, national, international institutions and organizations.


Established as the fourth Technology Development Region of Izmir, Ege Technopark aims to develop high value-added products and increase qualified employment by increasing the R&D and innovation potential of the Region by working in cooperation and synergy with other stakeholders in Izmir and the Region, especially in the fields of life sciences and health.



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Name : Ege Teknopark
Web Site :
Main Sectors : Information Technologies, Electronic, Biotechnologies, Medical, Machinery, Material Development, Pharmaceutical Technologies, Energy
Size (m2) : N/A
Number of Companies : 99
Total Employment : 462
Number of Parcels : N/A
Number of Available Parcels : N/A
Biggest Available Parcel Size : N/A