At the end of 2010, İzmir Bilimpark set out with the suggestion of “establish an agriculture-based technopark in İzmir”, voiced by the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Mr. Nihat Ergün, during the Tax Award Ceremony of the İzmir Chamber of Commerce. As a result of the studies carried out by the Founding Committee, which included important institutions and organizations such as Izmir University of Economics, İTOB Organized Industrial Zone, Izmir Chamber of Commerce, Aegean Exporters Union, Izmir Commodity Exchange, with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 08.10.2012 and numbered 2012/3800, Izmir Science and Technology Technology Park Technology Development Zone was declared.



İzmir Science and Technology Park Joint Stock Company was established on January 30, 2013 with 16 partners, with the participation of leading companies in İzmir as well as the institutions and organizations included in the founding committee. İzmir Bilimpark, which is adjacent to the Tahtalı Dam water basin and fertile agricultural lands in the Menderes district of İzmir; offers the opportunity to work in a natural, clean, peaceful and sustainable environment. With the completion of the administrative building and the Incubation Center building, İzmir Bilimpark started its activities actively.



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Name : İzmir Bilimpark
Web Site : https://www.izmirbilimpark.com.tr/
Main Sectors : Information Technologies, Electronic, Biotechnologies, Medical, Machinery, Software, Communication, Food
Size (m2) : N/A
Number of Companies : 91
Total Employment : N/A
Number of Parcels : N/A
Number of Available Parcels : N/A
Biggest Available Parcel Size : N/A