DEPARK, which is an ecosystem where industry, public institutions, universities and other research infrastructures carry out R&D and innovation studies in the same environment, transfer information and technology among them, and integrate the academic, economic and social structure, was established in 2013. DEPARK consists of DEPARK Olive Building and Pomegranate Complex in İnciraltı Campus, and ALFA and BETA buildings in Tınaztepe Campus.


Innovative companies working on software, informatics, electronics, advanced material technologies, design, nanotechnology, automotive, renewable energy, textiles, as well as international companies such as Ericsson that moved their global R&D centers to İzmir and DEPARK at the DEPARK Tınaztepe Campus. is also located. DEPARK is also Turkey’s first health technology themed technopark.



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Name : Depark
Web Site :
Main Sectors : Software, Communication, Health, Medical, Machinery, Food, Mining
Size (m2) : 27900
Number of Companies : 102
Total Employment : 1162
Number of Parcels : N/A
Number of Available Parcels : N/A
Biggest Available Parcel Size : N/A