“Use nature to create” This guiding principle characterizes the Emsland Group’s corporate philosophy. The raw material obtained in harmony with nature is processed for innovative and future-oriented quality products. Potato starch, the most important raw material product, reveals the true success of the company.


With its individual and creative character of the products, thanks to the expertise and customer-oriented service, the Emsland Group has proven itself in the market and is not only Germany’s largest producer of potato starch, but also the world leader in the production of refined starch, proteins, fibers, potato flakes and potato granules.


For many years, alternative raw materials such as peas and beans have also been processed. On the basis of these, it is revealed for the continuation of success by taking an active role in new markets with new starch, protein and fiber products.



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Parent Company Name : Emsland Group
Web Site : https://www.emsland-group.de/
Location: Kemalpaşa OIZ

Origin Country : Germany
Year : 2005
Sector : Agrifood
Clusters : Agrifood