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PFW Aerospace GmbH and aviation have been inseparably connected to each other for over 100 years. The product portfolio of the long-established German company is made up of complete pipe systems for conveying fuel, water, oxygen, hydraulic fluid or bleed air, complex structural components such as pressurised floors, fuselage coverings, APU compartments and support constructions, as well as fuel tanks.


During the eventful history of PFW Aerospace GmbH, one factor always endured: the power to innovate and further develop the company. For customers such as Airbus or Boeing, PFW is not only an important part of the added value, in certain fields it is also the only qualified supplier in the world.


Founded in 1913 by Alfred Eversbusch in the Palatinate Region, PFW Gmbh operates in 2 different locations, in Türkiye and in Speyer, Germany.


PFW-Aviation Industry, which started to operate in the aviation sector with 35 people in the Gaziemir Aegean Free Zone in 2003, is today one of the most important suppliers of Airbus and Boeing and produces many structural parts and piping systems with its 350 personnel in a closed area of 14.000 square meters.


PFW Aviation Industry, which started its first production with the production of additional fuel tanks for aircraft, started to produce products such as Pressure wall and floor, Flap, RAT Carrier, floor channels and panels of A400M military cargo planes, and pipe systems carrying hydraulic fluids, fuel, clean and waste water.



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Parent Company Name : PFW Aerospace
Web Site :

Location : Aegean Free Zone (ESBAŞ)
Origin Country : Germany
Year : 2003
Sector : Aerospace
Clusters : Aerospace, Industrial Machinery