As a leading supplier of customer-oriented solutions since 1919, AKG has acquired an internationally acclaimed reputation in producing reliable, high-quality radiators and heat exchangers.


Hofgeismar based the AKG Verwaltungsgeselischaft (holding company) has the director position of AKG Group companies which produce over 2,5 million heat exchangers with 2,800 employees and various designs. AKG has this success thanks to twenty-four-hours working per day of 12 production plants which are located in Germany, France, Latvia, Türkiye, India, USA ve China as well as 10 overseas sales companies.


AKG Türkiye, is the one of 12 production plants located in 7 countries of AKG Group which produces over 2,5 million radiator and cooler per year and which celebrated the 100th anniversary in 2019. The journey, which was started with opening sales office in 1996 in Türkiye, still continue to own way with unfaltering and responsible steps thanks to building of production plant in Kemalpaşa – İzmir in 2012.


The company, which is established on an area of 57 thousand square meters, 17,500 square meters of which is covered, produces many production groups such as oil and air cooler, radiator, condenser, copper-brass and aluminium cooler.



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Parent Company Name : AKG Group
Web Site : https://www.akg-turkey.com/en/akg-group/
Location: İzmir Kemalpaşa OIZ

Origin Country : Germany
Year : 2012
Sector : HVACR
Clusters : HVACR, Industrial Machinery