Colorobbia Türkiye specializes in the production and distribution of raw materials and semi-finished products for the ceramic and glass industry. Colorobbia Türkiye is a subsidiary of Colorobbia Group, a leading Italian company in the international ceramic market for nearly a century.


Colorobbia Türkiye produces and markets materials used in ceramic tile production and glass industry. The company’s offices and production facility are in İzmir, and its laboratory is in Bozüyük, and it has a solid history and experience in ceramic production.


Colorobbia Türkiye aims to transform its relationship with its suppliers into a real business partnership and to create added value for both parties in a long-term cooperation, thanks to its wide business network that allows continuous communication between the company and its customers.


Working in close cooperation with the worldwide branches of the group, Colorobbia Türkiye offers its ceramic companies in the Turkish market a unique range of products and services, as well as leading production technologies, innovative materials and the latest design trends.



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Parent Company Name : Colorobbia
Web Site :
Location: ITOB OIZ

Origin Country : Italy
Year : 2015
Sector : Chemicals
Clusters : Chemicals