Sorma Group

Sorma Group has been operating since 1973. It is currently the only complex of companies in the world able to offer the entire line of machinery necessary to select, weigh and automatically package fruit and vegetables, “turnkey”​, together with the supply of technical material for create all forms of packaging. More than 160 models of automatic machines are proposed, protected by 60 patents entirely developed by an internal team of 35 engineers. More than 30 fruit and vegetable references can be selected and “dressed”​ with the utmost precision and reliability, to effectively meet the increasingly stringent requirements of large-scale retail trade. The Group is present with its operating offices in: Spain, Germany, France, Türkiye, Holland, USA and Brazil. In addition to these branches, there are over 40 specialized distributors operating globally.


Türkiye is a country with a great potential. Its population is young, but at the same time cultured and qualified. Our staff members in Türkiye have exactly these properties: they are professional and highly competent.
Two out of three companies that are located in İzmir, Türkiye, have manufacturing facilities, whereas Sormagpack is a purely commercial company. Amros is specifically dedicated to the production of machinery, whereas Filepack produces plastic nets.



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Parent Company Name : Sorma Group
Web Site :
Location: Kemalpaşa-İzmir

Origin Country : Italy
Year : 2010
Sector : Agricultural Machinery
Clusters : Agrifood, Industrial Machinery