Thermex Corporation is the market leader in the Russian water heater market and is one of the world’s leading water heater manufacturers. It is also a large Holding operating in the field of international industry and trade.


Thermex Corporation carries out its sales activities in 84 countries in total, with 104 regional directorates in Russia and the CIS countries, 27 representative offices in Türkiye, Italy, Spain and China, and 11,000 sales points.


Thermex Corporation, which has a rich product range with electric water heaters, thermoboilers, instantaneous water heaters, under-counter and top water heaters, inox water heater, hermetic water heater, chimney water heater, combi boiler, radiator and industrial boiler groups, meets the domestic hot water and heating needs of consumers.


In 2016, companies in Türkiye and Italy, and in 2017 in China and Spain, were established and joined our holding. In many countries, the chain that enables the products to reach the final consumer from their storage has been established, and this chain continues to grow day by day.



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Parent Company Name : Thermex Co.
Web Site :

Location : İzmir Pancar OIZ
Origin Country : Russia
Year : 2016
Sector : HWAC
Clusters : HWAC, Industrial Machinery