Young and Dynamic Workforce

Having a 4.1 million population, 42% of which is under 30, İzmir promises a dynamic workforce.

20.000 University Graduates Annually

Over 2,000 students graduate from universities in İzmir including computer, industry and mechanical engineering.


İzmir offers the best talent in Turkey with its 9 universities that gives graduates with the skills and attitudes to meet today’s business demands.


İzmir invests in human capital through 9 universities with 69 faculties and 42 vocational schools

Multilingual Skills

İzmir offers high education standards with a quality education system which emphasizes on vocational and foreign language education. All of the 8 universities in İzmir have departments that offer education in English.

Other than the leading European languages like English, German, French and Italian there are institutions in which languages like Russian, Japanese or Chinese are taught.

Vocational and Technical Education Opportunities

A total of 267 vocational and technical high schools with 6.500 teachers train more than 100.000 students. İzmir not only provides labour for the facilities within itself but also for the cities nearby.