Roy Robson

It all started in today’s fashion metropolis of Berlin, the story of ROY ROBSON, who combines the art of craftsmanship with a love for fabrics and patterns. In 1922, a small tailor’s workshop on formal wear was established in the capital. The company, which was a successful business with 30 employees in 1930, had to move in 1944 due to the war. The then owner, Bruno Kirches, enlarged the main factory in Lüneburg in the following years and set up an additional business in the nearby town of Dannenberg.


The combination of this craft tradition and long years of knowledge with modern production technologies has enabled the company to grow up to the present day. In 1970, the firm becomes the property of the Westermann Family. ROY ROBSON name was registered as a roofing brand in 1987 as part of an international road-mapping effort. ROY ROBSON has become a complete clothing brand by adding different product groups such as shirts, ties, trousers, knits, combed cotton, coats, and coats over time. Today, ROY ROBSON is represented in 45 countries with an export rate of approximately 50%.


Thanks to the production facility established and operated by the company in Izmir in 2008, high production knowledge remains within the organization.



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Parent Company Name : Roy Robson
Web Site :

Location : Aegean Free Zone (ESBAŞ)

Origin Country : Germany
Year : 2008
Sector : Textile
Clusters : Textile, Other