Nothing can compete with the skills of a talented grower in growing strong and healthy plants. Since 1939, the Queen® brand has worked hard to continue its breeder tradition. His greatest passion is quality and innovation: it comes to life with the widest variety and quality flowers on the market. Its greenhouses have become one of the largest in its field in the world by using the latest environmentally friendly technology.


Queen® produces beautiful and durable flowers in many different colors. Queen, which started in Denmark and has been developing continuously since 1939; It is known for its quality that combines good looks and long durability. Queen® has been in Türkiye since 2012; It produces Kalanchoe, Schlumbergera, HibisQs®, Rose, Poinsettia, Euphorbia Milii, Succulent and Campanula flowers.



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Parent Company Name : Queen
Web Site : https://queenflowers.dk/en

Location : Dikili, İzmir
Origin Country : Denmark
Year : 2010
Sector : Agriculture
Clusters : Agrifood