Dr. Schumacher

Dr. Schumacher, as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of disinfectants, hygiene and skin care products; operates in the production of wet wipes for baby care, personal hygiene, cosmetics and home use, as well as hospitals, medical practices and aged care facilities.


The rural-based company in Malsfeld in Northern Hesse has been showing a global growth curve for years.


Since 2005, the company’s turnover has grown by an average of 20 percent each year. More than 1,850 staff are employed at three production sites (Germany, Poland and Türkiye) to reliably supply customers with goods.



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Parent Company Name : Dr. Schumacher
Web Site : https://www.schumacher-online.com/de/
Location: Tire OIZ

Origin Country : Germany
Year : 2000
Sector : Chemicals
Clusters : Chemicals