Hawle was established in 1948 to provide solutions for water/wastewater and gas infrastructure applications. Since its establishment, the demand for quality and functionality in Hawle products has been increasing day by day. With 60 years of industry experience, vast knowledge and expertise is Hawle’s most important feature. The Hawle Group company is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of water supply products. Hawle products are used in more than 60 countries around the world.


ÖZ-KAN Makina started its operations in 1983 in İzmir, with the manufacture of Cone Valve and Steam Valve. Product variety, experience, special production for projects, on-time delivery guarantee and quality are the features that make ÖZ-KAN Makina stand out and preferable.


In order to expand its product range, the worldwide known valve company Hawle has included ÖZ-KAN Makina, which is a brand in the sector with its quality-working principle and awareness in the market, in 2011.

ÖZ-KAN Makina is increasing its international market share day by day with the power of Hawle Group, serious investments, R&D studies and developing production capacity.


As a Hawle Corporation, ÖZ-KAN Makina aims to be a leader in the market by adopting a customer-oriented approach, following the technology and using all its processes effectively.



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Parent Company Name : Hawle
Web Site : https://www.hawle.com/en/
Location: İzmir Atatürk OIZ

Origin Country : Austria
Year : 2011
Sector : Industrial Machinery
Clusters : Industrial Machinery