Factory Reality

Factory Reality is a software company helping lead global brands in their building digitalization efforts. The company has a highly talented, multi-disciplinary team providing software automation & engineering services to the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. Operating in İzmir, İzÜret company is the operation center of the Factory Reality.

İzÜret was established in the Aegean Free Zone in 2020 to serve global brands. Global companies have been transformed their existing infrastructure and building portfolios into a digital form with the software and digitalization service developed by İzÜret. İzÜret supports companies in realizing their digitalization vision with detailed building information modeling (BIM) and 3D digital software / QAQC services. İzÜret has produced digital versions of more than 3,000 places in 2020. Among the companies İzÜret serves from İzmir, there are global companies such as Starbucks, Hitachi, ABB, Grupo Bimbo, and The Home Depot. In 2021, İzÜret started its services in its new office in the Aegean Free Zone in İzmir.


Company Name : Factory Reality
Web Site : http://www.factoryreality.com

Location : Gaziemir, İzmir

Origin Country : U.S.A
Year : 2020
Sector :Software & IT Services
Clusters :Software & IT Services