Eva Commerce

Eva Commerce provides a software platform and services for maximizing the profits of Amazon Brands, Sellers, and Agencies by connecting all eCommerce data points and delivering powerful, actionable insights. Eva is built on Artificial Intelligence-powered technology to deliver the next best decisions on pricing, reimbursements, and replenishments. Eva helps Amazon sellers to increase their profits up to %55 in 90 days. New sellers get the full functionality of Eva, by paying much less and paying more as they grow.


Within its expansion strategies, Eva decided to establish an R&D Center in İzmir, Türkiye by considering the quality, loyalty, and open-mindedness of the workforce. One of the main reasons behind this decision of the company who has also Turkish founders, is company’s passion is to help İzmir and Türkiye grow in the software industry. Eva is planning to become one of İzmir’s leader technology companies in the next one year and to increase its workforce from 30 to 100.



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Parent Company Name : Eva Commerce
Web Site : www.eva.guru
Location: Balçova-İzmir

Origin Country : USA
Year : 2021
Sector : Software & IT Services
Clusters : Software & IT Services