Dr. Oetker

The Dr. Oetker brand was first established in Bielefeld in 1891. Establishing the first food production company, Dr. Oetker, soon expanded to the countries in western and Eastern Europe and continued its steady growth.


Today, Dr. Oetker operates within a total of 21 institutions including South America and Brazil with 450 product lines. Established in 1987 in İzmir, Dr. Oetker Türkiye moved into its new facility in Torbalı in 1999.


Trust and sustainability are very important factors for the Dr. Oetker family. Almost all consumers – around 97% in Germany – know the brand and place great trust in it. Repeated independent surveys and research results show that Dr. Oetker has always held a leading position in the market and is among the most trusted food brands. Consumers’ trust in this brand has continued for over 125 years.


Parent Company Name :Dr. Oetker
Web Site : https://www.droetker.com.tr
Location: Torbalı-İzmir

Origin Country : Germany
Year : 1987
Sector : Agrifood
Clusters : Agrifood