Founded in Germany in 1984, the wind equipment manufacturer Enercon entered in the Turkish market in 1998. 3 Enercon turbines were used in Çeşme RES (1,5 MW). Çeşme RES is the first RES project of Türkiye as well as a subsidiary of Demirer Energy which was launched in 1998. Following this project, Enercon Service Company was established to take over the service and the installation of the turbines in 1999. In 2002, Enercon started producing rotor blades for turbines in İzmir and has been producing concrete wind tower parts since 2009 in İzmir. The Company has supported the establishment of a domestic industry in these sectors by encouraging the production of parts such as steel towers in domestic facilities.


As from November 2014, the total installed capacity of Enercon in Türkiye has reached up to 1000 MW. It continues to be the leader in terms of total installed power with 25% market share. About 600 employees work at the factory located in the Aegean Free Zone. The production facility consists of a 32.000 m2 outdoor area and a 12.000 m2 of indoor area.


Enercon continues to be one of the key players in the wind power sector in Türkiye. It aims to acquire a significant place in the sector both for 2023 and later.


“It is a pleasing and a motivating factor for the domestic manufacturers that Enercon, an innovative company and a key player in the market, supports domestic production within the scope of Renewable Energy Law. The fact that the selling price of electricity determined by the Renewable Energy Sources Law is lower in comparison to EU countries while the costs of the projects increase gradually, show that these prices should be reconsidered and increased.”


Enercon Türkiye Sales and Marketing Manager ARİF GÜNYAR



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Parent Company Name : Enercon
Web Site : https://www.enercon.de/en/home/
Location: Aegean Free Zone (ESBAS)

Origin Country : Germany
Year : 2002
Sector : Wind Energy
Clusters : Clean Energy, Industrial Machinery, Environmental Technologies