CS Wind

Established in 2006, CS Wind is a Korea-based company mainly engaged in the manufacture of wind towers for onshore and offshore wind power projects. As the main supplier to global wind power companies, CS Wind operates manufacturing sites in Canada, the UK, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Turkey. Based on years of its career in Onshore Towers, CS WIND has been expanding its business to the Offshore and Plant Industry. CS WIND Corporation is willing to be a strong global enterprise that leads eco-friendly businesses and a bright future for human beings. CS WIND has been implementing a Lean Six Sigma policy since 2008 through all processes, to achieve customer satisfaction, and CS Wind has been also conducting compensation programs to encourage creativity, expertise, and competency of globalized employees.

In 2018, CS WIND acquired Ege Towers, a leading producer of steel towers for wind turbines in Turkey. As Turkey boasts geography with one of the highest wind potentials in the world; by acquiring Ege Tower, CS WIND expects to benefit from locational advantages with respect to local content requirements in Turkey and expand services in neighboring European countries. CS WIND not only entered into the wind tower market in Turkey with many opportunities for future growth but also will be the strategic bridgehead for strengthening the wind industry supply chain all over the world, securing production base to the European market. Today CS WIND operates in Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone (ALOSBI) and expands its facilities in İzmir with a new plant in the same zone.


Parent Company Name : CS WIND
Web Site : http://www.cswind.com/
Location: Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone (ALOSBİ)

Origin Country : South Korea
Year : 2018
Sector : Wind Energy
Clusters : Clean Energy, Environmental Technologies