With more than 3.000 employees worldwide, Eldor operates in 20 locations with presence in Italy, Germany, USA, China, Türkiye, Brazil, Japan and South Korea.


Thanks to its R&D technical centers and its proprietary production technology, Eldor is a leading company in research, development and production of ignition systems, electronic control units, systems for hybrid and electric vehicles and urban e-mobility solutions.


Nowadays Eldor is focusing on main macro trends of the automotive industry: electrification of vehicle, robotics, smart materials, clean energy, defect free factory.


Today 220 million vehicles run with Eldor products.


Parent Company Name : Eldor Group
Web Site : www.eldorgroup.com
Location: Aegean Free Zone (ESBAŞ)

Origin Country : Italy
Year : 2020
Sector : Automotive
Clusters : Industrial Machinery, Automotive