Ebara Corporation is publicly traded company based in Tokyo, Japan. It designs, manufactures, and maintains the operation of infrastructure and industrial machinery. It is the owner of the Elliott Company in the United States. It has three main business divisions, the fluid systems and machinery company, the precision machinery company, and the environmental engineering company.


EBARA, a global equipment manufacturer in water management, energy productions and environmental solutions, signed a contract with an İzmir company Vansan to buy its shares.


Vansan was established at a 200 m² workshop in 1964 by Mech. Eng. A. Özden ERTÖZ and develops rapidly on the path of becoming a global trademark by bringing together its expert engineering, importance given on R&D activities and its customer-oriented working policy with its approximately 550 employees working in 42.000 m2 open and 27.500 m2 closed area.Vansan achieves to export its products to 70 countries around the world.


Vansan offers a wide range of pumps and motors for the water and other fluids solutions in local, agricultural and industrial areas. We produce 4 “Submersible Pumps and Motors, 6″-7″-8″-10” Submersible Pumps and Motors, Vertical Multistage Inline Pumps, Fire Fighting Pump Systems, Double Suction Split Case Pumps, Vertical Turbine and Axial Flow Vertical Turbine Pumps and Geothermal Pumps that are able to offer customized solutions to your needs.



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Parent Company Name : Ebara Corporation
Web Site : https://www.ebara.co.jp/en/

Location : İzmir Atatürk OIZ

Origin Country : Japan
Year : 2020
Sector : Industrial Machinery
Clusters : Industrial Machinery