Zinc Nacional

Zinc Nacional is one of the largest producers of zinc compounds in the world. It is a 100% Mexican owned company founded in 1952 dedicated to the production of zinc oxide and zinc sulfate.


The company’s location in northeastern Mexico situates us favorably to serve export markets. It proximity to the United States and major shipping ports in the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, allow to take full advantage of water, rail and highway transportation.


Turkmex is a joint venture between İpek Mobilya and Zinc Nacional began operating its new plant during the first months of 2017. It is Türkiye’s newest waelz oxide facility dedicated to recovering zinc from industrial by products. The new plant is located in Aliağa, İzmir Region, Türkiye.


Turkmex, is newest facility dedicated to recovering zinc and lead from the industrial waste stream. This plant recycles Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steel dust utilizing the Waelz Kiln technology.


Turkmex brand-new facility specializes in the reclamation of zinc and other metals from this dust. Turkmex´s main product is Waelz Oxide also known as Crude Zinc Oxide (CZO). This product is transformed into zinc oxide, zinc sulfate or zinc metal by zinc smelters. Our plant also produces Waelz Iron Product (WIP), an Iron Concentrate.



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Parent Company Name : Zinc Nacional
Web Site : http://www.turkmex.com.tr/

Location : Aliağa OIZ

Origin Country : Mexico
Year : 2017
Sector : Chemicals
Clusters : Chemicals