CS Wind

CS is the acronym of ChoongSan (重山), which means the “heavy mountain” that never collapses no matter how hard the wind blows.


In August 2007, Choong San Corporation was renamed CS WIND Corporation. Subsequently, our global entities were also refreshed CS WIND Vietnam, China, Canada, and the UK by one name “CS WIND”. Now, the brand “CS WIND” has become the most competitive wind tower supplier in the global wind energy market.


CS Wind has been implementing a Lean Six Sigma policy since 2008 through all processes, to achieve customer satisfaction, and CS Wind has been also conducting compensation programs to encourage creativity, expertise, and competency of globalized employees.


CS WIND Turkey not only enters into the wind tower market in Turkey with many opportunities for future growth but also will be the strategic bridgehead for strengthening the supply chain all over the world, securing a production base to the European market.



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Parent Company Name : CS Wind
Web Site : http://www.cswind.com/
Location: Aliağa OIZ

Origin Country : South Korea
Year : 2020
Sector : Wind Energy
Clusters : Clean Energy, Environmental Technologies