In the light of universal, national, and spiritual values; to raise individuals who are equipped that our country needs, who embrace our corporate values, who think creatively and critically, who do not deviate from scientific ethics, who are competent in their field and who will successfully fulfill their professional and social responsibilities; to present its products in the fields of science, education, and training for the benefit of society; İzmir Democracy University, which undertakes the mission of being a pioneer in finding a place for science, art, and culture in society, was established on 20.08.2016.


Based on the vision of being a university that shapes the future with its qualified studies in the fields of education and research, İzmir Democracy University is among the world’s leading research universities with scientific research that bridges the future; to catch a modern point of view with innovative approaches in education and training; to contribute to the shaping of the future by building a bridge between academia and society through scientific, academic and cultural activities; connected to their national and moral values; aims to be an internationally respected and leading university.


Dentistry, Education, Science and Literature, Fine Arts, Law, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Architecture, Engineering, Health Sciences and Medicine, a total of ten faculties; 3 Vocational Schools in Foreign Languages ​​and Health Services; He has 28 masters and doctorate programs with and without a thesis in 3 institutes in the field of Science, Health and Social Sciences.


English, Persian, Spanish foreign languages, diction, family counseling, social security and its applications, health law, data analysis, Zumba, yoga, pilates, robotics, coding, handicrafts, games for children by research centers within the university for lifelong learning subjects. training such as creative writing, art therapy, and creativity are provided.



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University Name : İzmir Demokrasi University
Web Site : http://www.idu.edu.tr/

Location : Karabağlar, İzmir
Foundation Year : 2016