Kınık Organized Industrial Zone was established by İzmir Special Provincial Administration in 1995. Electricity and sewerage works were carried out in 1996 and it was opened for investment with land allocations. The Zone, which is built on 729 decares of land, consists of 41 industrial parcels of 500 decares. All of the parcels in question have been allocated and the expansion works will begin with the completion of the investments. There are many national and international companies in the Kınık OIZ region. Some of these companies have started to invest and some have started production. With the activation of all investments, employment will be provided for up to 4 thousand people.



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Name : Kınık Organized Industrial Zone
Web Site :
Main Sectors : Machinery
Size (m2) : 743,000
Number of Companies :41
Total Employment : 382
Number of Parcels : 41
Number of Available Parcels : 0