ITOB – IZMIR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE allows its participants to make production in easier, more productive and affordable way by providing a common infrastructure service and encourage well-organized and systematic reconstruction in the zone. To produce solutions to the problems of industrialists in the zone by maintaining all kinds of infrastructural services, to maintain the service quality in line with the technological developments, to use the energy offered by the natural sources by reaching maximum productivity with the awareness of environmental protection, to contribute to social, cultural and economic developments are the primary principles and goals of the zone.


Environmental protection, maintenance, repair and improvement works for maintaining the quality and uninterrupted availability of the infrastructural services, reforestation and security fall within the principal duties of ITOB – IZMIR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE as well as electricity, natural gas and water supply, waste water treatment, issuance of the construction permit, occupancy permit and the license for non-sanitary enterprises.



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Name : İTOB Organized Industrial Zone
Web Site :
Main Sectors : Machinery
Size (m2) : 2,488,000
Number of Companies : 200
Total Employment : 6,244
Number of Parcels : 348
Number of Available Parcels : 14