It is an agriculture-based specialized greenhouse organized industrial zone project, which is heated with geothermal energy resources, where good agricultural practices are made, modern and technological greenhouse enterprises are located, and agriculture and industry integration is provided. The TDIOSB land planned to be established is located in the Kaynarca District of Dikili District, İsmetpaşa Mahallesi, in a direction and distance that will not prevent the growth of the district and is suitable for expansion when needed. Recommended area for TDIOSB; It is 7 km from the town center, 110 km from the city center and is located in the north-west of the city.



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Name : Dikili Agriculture Specialized Organized Industrial Zone
Web Site : http://www.dikilitdiosb.org.tr/
Main Sectors : Agriculture
Size (m2) : 3.030,000
Number of Companies : N/A
Total Employment : N/A
Number of Parcels : 85
Number of Available Parcels : 0
Biggest Available Parcel Size : N/A