The OIZ journey started when SS KOBSAN Arsa ve Konut Yapı Koop., which was established in September 2006 with 100 industrialists consisting of Egekobider members and environmental industrialists, bought the non-agricultural parcel no. 971 on 17.10.2006 in İzmir’s Bağyurdu town. Bağyurdu Organized Industrial Zone, which is planned to be established in 2 stages, was tendered for the 1st stage in October 2011 and the infrastructure constructions were started. There are investment criteria of 60.000.000 TL for infrastructure expenditures, 150.000.000 TL for factory constructions, 500.000.000 TL for Machinery Equipment, 1.5 Billion $ production potential and 500.000 $ export volume. In the region, companies will invest in various sectors, primarily automotive, machinery, building materials and electricity. 140 parcels of various sizes were created in the region, which is a mixed OIZ. In the present case; The infrastructure of the 1st stage was completed in November 2013, with the construction of the factory started, allowing 40 industrial facilities to invest.


All infrastructures in the region pass under the pavement. The sewerage and rainwater lines are made of corrugated pipes, the natural gas lines are made of steel and PE pipes and approved by İzmirgaz, the drinking water and fire water lines are HDPE pipes, the electrical infrastructure is completely laid as a feeder cable in the form of LV and MV networks in accordance with TSE and TEDAŞ specifications. Telecom infrastructure will be built with Fiberoptic cables in partnership with Türk Telekom. All roads consisting of 25, 20 and 15 meters will be concrete roads with mesh iron. There is a 2000 m3 water tank in the region and water is supplied from a deep well. An area of ​​30,000 m2 has been allocated as the treatment plant area, and an area of ​​20,000 m2 has been allocated to TEİAŞ, and a 154/34.5 kV electric downstream center was established in October 2014. In this way, an energy supply of 100 Megawatts will be created in the region. The BOTAŞ pipeline, which passes through 2 parcels in the region, feeds Turgutlu and Kemalpaşa, and was taken to the riverside as of the end of October 2013 with the cooperation of BOTAŞ and BAYOSB.



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Name : Bağyurdu Organized Industrial Zone
Web Site :
Main Sectors : Machinery
Size (m2) : 1,468,000
Number of Companies : 37
Total Employment : 1,000
Number of Parcels : 90
Number of Available Parcels : 1