İzmir Free Zone is founded in 1984 by Leather Industry Building Cooperation. An area of 163 hectares at Maltepe Village of Menemen District of İzmir is specified according to the resolution of İzmir Governorship as “suitable for field of activity of the industry”. The cooperation has gained Izmir Leather Industry Organized Area status in 1988. In 2011, due to the increase in potential, the area is opened to other industries and named as Izmir Free Zone- IZBAŞ.


İzmir Free Zone covers an area of 1.620.000 m². Net 1.100.00 m² of the total area is allocated for investment.


Currently 960.000 m²of the total area is allocated. Investment allowance ratio is 88%.
As of end of 2018, in İzmir Free Zone there are;
Leather manufacturing and trade is the major industry with the advantage of Leather Specialized Customs, as well as Energy, Chemical Manufacturing and Trade,
Food, Electricity – Electronics, Automotive
Plastic Pipe, Profile and Plastic Goods
Marble and Natural Stones, Elevator Lifting and Handling Equipment, Medical Industry, which are the other industries invested in İzmir Free Zone.


In İZBAŞ, Integrated Management System is applied and ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001 Certificates are present.



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Name : Izmir Free Zone (IZBAS)
Web Site : http://www.izbas.net
Main Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Food, Electronics, Textile, Chemistry, Machinery
Size (m2) : 1620000
Number of Companies : 173
Total Employment : 4763
Number of Parcels : N/A
Number of Available Parcels : N/A
Biggest Available Parcel Size : N/A