TPI Composites

TPI Composites Inc. The firm was founded in 1968 in Arizona, USA. Today, it is among the largest composite blade manufacturers in the world. It makes a great contribution to the renewable energy sector with its high quality wind turbine blades produced with advanced technology in production areas opened in America, Mexico, China and most recently in Türkiye. Using high-performance materials, molds designed by customers; light, durable and high efficiency, composite blades are produced. With its customer-oriented quality system, it produces for companies that are the world leaders in the energy sector.


Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, it has expanded its global footprint to include local facilities in Newton, Iowa; Warren, Rhode Island; and international facilities in Santa Teresa, New Mexico and Dafeng, China; Kolding, Denmark; Chennai, India; Juarez, Mexico; Matamoros, Mexico; and İzmir, Türkiye.


The wind blades they produce support the decarbonization of power generation, achieve significant reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and help mitigate climate change. In the last 5 years, wind blades sold have the potential to reduce more than 980 million metric tons of CO2 over their average 20-year lifespan.1 This is equivalent to the use of more than 200 million passenger vehicles for one person.



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Parent Company Name : TPI Composites
Web Site :

Location : Menemen, İzmir
Origin Country : USA
Year : 2014
Sector : Wind Energy
Clusters : Clean Energy, Environmental Technologies