Kuhne was founded in 1722 in Hamburg, Germany.


Kuhne produces vinegars, pickles and preserves. The company offers horseradish and dressings, seasonings, mustards, gherkins, cake sauces, gourmets, fried onions, and desserts, as well as delicatessen, red cabbage, green kale and sauerkraut products. The company also offers a variety of sauces, garnishing and dips.


Kühne, which entered the Turkish market in 1991, has production facilities in France, the Netherlands, Poland and Türkiye, 6 of which are in the country where it was founded; creates employment for a total of 15 thousand people with all sales offices around the world.



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Parent Company Name : Kühne
Web Site : https://www.kuehne-international.com/
Location: Armutlu, Kemalpaşa-İzmir

Origin Country : Germany
Year : 2017
Sector : Agrifood
Clusters : Agrifood