KT&G manufactures and distributes tobacco products in South Korea. It primarily produces and sells cigarettes; and manufactures and distributes ginseng, red ginseng products, other health foods, and food and beverage products.


The company also develops, manufactures, and distributes drugs, biotech drugs, non-pharmaceutical health complements, medical goods and equipment, cosmetics, and other related products.


In addition, it is involved in the real estate, rental, and housing development businesses; and government-commissioned testing, inspection, certification, and standardisation activities.


Founded in 1987, KT&G is headquartered in Daejeon, South Korea.



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Parent Company Name : KT&G
Web Site : https://en.ktng.com/

Location: Tire, İzmir

Origin Country : South Korea
Year : 2008
Sector : Tobacco
Clusters : Agrifood