Kansai Altan

Kansai Altan Boya Sanayi A.Ş. is a paint company with an annual production capacity of 80 thousand tons, situated on a 100 thousand m² land in İzmir. It manufactures 78% of its polymer requirement in its own polymer production facility which is located in the same site and has 18 thousand tons of production capacity per annum. All production stages and QC lab decisions are controlled, recorded and monitored respectively by realtime shop floor data capturing system. The barcode system also enables raw material, intermediate and end product control for quality assurance and lot traceability at all levels.

With a 773 people upholding a team culture founded on the importance of the customers, rather than one that consists of convincing the customers that they are important, the main objective of Kansai Altan is to assure the continuity of the quality of its products, and ultimately contribute to the quality of the products manufactured by its customers. Having a faith in the common mind, through the synergy created within its departments, the efforts are focused on both the needs and the requests of the customers and the expectations of the future generations.



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Parent Company Name : Kansai Paint
Web Site : http://www.kansaialtan.com/
Location: Kemalpaşa, OIZ

Origin Country : Japan
Year : 2009
Sector : Chemicals
Clusters : Chemicals