GOVI N.V. Engineered Chemicals, since its establishment in Belgium in 1910, has been serving a wide range of industries, especially Wood, MDF, HDF, OSB, Construction and Personal Care Fields, with high quality Emulsions, Dispersions, Oleochemicals, Compounds and Mixtures.


GOVI, Kolloidsl Kimya, thanks to its experience and knowledge especially in Paraffin, Wax Emulsions, offers suitable solutions to its customers and serves as a flexible but reliable partner with high performance and logistics support with special formulations completely according to the needs of their processes.


GOVI Kimya Türkiye has put into operation the GOVI Kimya Türkiye Factory on 01.01.2016 in order to deliver IMPERMAX® GARO® brand Paraffin Emulsions and Dispersions to the Turkish Market, as well as to the world markets, after Europe and Malaysia, with completely state-of-the-art technological facilities in its factory in Çiğli, İzmir.


IMPERMAX® and GARO®, which it produces in the GOVI Kimya Türkiye Factory with its staff trained in Belgium and state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, has proven to be the name of quality in the market and has become an indispensable brand for its customers.



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Parent Company Name : GOVI
Web Site :
Location: İzmir Atatürk OIZ

Origin Country : Belgium
Year : 2015
Sector : Chemicals
Clusters : Chemicals