Daetwyler SwissTec – since 1972 – is the leading manufacturer of high quality ink scraper blades for all printing applications.


Headquartered in Bleienbach, Switzerland, it is the research and development center for existing and new doctor blade technologies.


SwissTec, a global market leader in the printing industry; means quality, customer focus and innovation.


Daetwyler Group is globally active. With the three divisions SwissTec (global market leader in the production of high-precision MDC doctor blades), Rotoflex (inks and lacquers for food, non-food and security), and Industries (high-precision machine construction and customized special projects), it has over 10 sites worldwide employing more than 500 staff.



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Parent Company Name : Daetwyler
Web Site : https://www.daetwyler.com/en/
Location: Bornova-İzmir

Origin Country : Switzerland
Year : 2018
Sector : Industrial Machinery
Clusters : Industrial Machinery