Allianz Campus, the operations center of Allianz Türkiye, which was established in the Gaziemir district of İzmir in line with its growth projections, business continuity and sustainability approach, started its activities in April 2018.


With a total capacity of 1100 employees, Allianz Campus has been designed as an environment and employee-friendly space that uses renewable energy sources in accordance with sustainability principles.


Allianz Campus, whose headquarters is LEED certified like Allianz Tower, was built on a 17-decare plot with its green areas, outdoor sports fields and indoor sports hall.


With its superior technological infrastructure and hardware features, Allianz Campus is also a new generation smart building.



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Parent Company Name : Allianz
Web Site :
Location: Gaziemir-İzmir

Origin Country : Germany
Year : 2020
Sector : Finance
Clusters : Software & IT Services